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Why its not enough just to have a presence on social media

New data from emarketer shows that companies think its more important to have a presence on social media rather than advertising on social media websites.

The problem is that totap into the full value of social media such as Facebook you need to have an advertising strategy. It’s the same as having a retail store, sure having a presence is important but if you don’t tell people about your store and let them know why they should buy at your store, then what good is it to just have a presence?

Social media has come a long way – you now have the ability to slice and dice data like never before, giving fantastic insights into your user base.

This all makes for measurability, accountability and ROI tracking that much easier. With ROI still being a fear factor for most companies operating in this space, its more of a case of ignorance rather than not being able to measure ROI.

ROI is easy to measure if you have clearly defined obejctives and deliverables.

The share of ad budgets continues to grow – showing that whether companies like it or not they will eventually have to start thinking more strategically about their social media advertising.


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