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Using Social CRM And Email Marketing Together Effectively

So many of the most effective things we can do in business are often extremely simple. It is easy to be dazzled by all the things that are happening in social media these days, but it is always a good idea to make sure that you do not gloss over the basics. Email marketing is one of those basics, but we can also use the newer technologies and opportunities to improve the things that have been working for us, too. Usually, small changes are going to be the best changes so let’s take a look at how we can use Social CRM to make email marketing that much more effective. We will examine the goals here and find out how these two tasks go hand in hand to drive up our profits.

Taking Good Care of Customers Means Emphasizing Social CRM

Customers want to feel valuable to your company and today, consumers realize that they are actually a valuable part of the economy with the power to choose who they do business with. Competition is fierce in most markets, even small niches, and if you really want to compete then you are going to have to try to get the best possible level of Social CRM and use it effectively. Customer Relationship Management is all about discovering who your audience is, one individual at a time, and also predicting greater trends that are going to affect that market. It may take some time, but if you do things the right way then what you are going to discover is that good Social CRM comes to understand the lifestyle of your customers and helps you to tailor their experiences with you to exactly what they want. This makes your customer service more effective and empowers your sales team to really market to those customers in a very effective way.

Using Social Crm And Email Marketing Together Effectively

Email Marketing Can Help You Improve Your Social CRM Databases

It has been shown time and again that email marketing is a truly effective way to do business that reaches people where it matters to them and convinces them to make a purchase decision. The thing is, you can do a lot more than just sell them things. People love quizzes, surveys and other little interactive activities that can help you gather information about them. This can go straight into your databases and be used in helpful ways when it comes time to market something. You can even do opinion polls or let them help develop better products. Most people like to participate and they are going to do so if you invite them and then let them take part, whether they know it or not, in giving themselves a better experience with your company by informing you of what they like, what they don’t like and the types of things they do from one day to the next. You can use your newsletter to go deep with customers and find out what they are really after. That way, you can make sure you are strengthening your relationship with them to stand the test of time.

Use What You Learn to Give Your Email Marketing More Impact

Once you discover the data trends, you can start letting that have an impact on the way you market. Perhaps people want more tips related to your products and the area of life that your company is all about. Maybe they would appreciate being able to speak out about their experiences and know that others are seeing them and what they do with your products. There are all kinds of great possibilities here so do not be afraid to test and experiment and make the experiences better for your customers in any way that you can. It will definitely end up paying off if you take the time to use that Social CRM data to further your email marketing’s effectiveness.

Divide and Conquer by Leveraging CRM Data for Laser Focused Email Campaigns

Finally, what a lot of companies discover after they start looking at the Social CRM data they collect is that it shows them that they actually have several distinct audiences they are interacting with. If you find this to be the case, you could actually create different email newsletters to go out to different groups of people. This way your customers are getting information and offers that are relevant to them and their lifestyle. What they will not get are the things that may cause them to get bored, be turned off or just plain lose interest in your company. That is a smart way to fine tune your email marketing.

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