Yoav Tchelet
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The State of Affairs of Social CRM

The web has come along way, if you’ve been an avid user since the ’90s (of the web in its commercial form anyway). Long gone are the days of the proprietary web, a closed in system, of branded chat rooms, and email systems.

Long gone are the days of social network’s fits and false starts. We’ve seen some drastic changes in web trends and user behavior over the past 5 years alone. Today, short messaging and micro blogging is as critical as the labor intensive, crowd sourced activity of social media and social networking. The two activities on the web account for the bulk of internet traffic today, by consumers and independent, non-enterprise users.

We’re talking about bits and amounts of data. Consumers are driving most of that traffic. We already know that the most popular websites on the web are social networking and social media sites. The only thing that’s up in the air at this point is, what branded web service is going to be the next big and hot thing for web users? There are almost 2 billion internet users to date, with over a billion on some social networking site.

The largest social networking site has well over 500 million users, and so the opportunity is obvious. Come up with a strategy about social CRM, one key thing that clicks with the masses, and the traffic, the attention (easily monetized) is instantaneous. Don’t worry about the big guys (the big web search engine, and the big social web service); they’re getting their take on the way.

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