Yoav Tchelet
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The Marketing Conundrum

As the marketing world continues to evolve at breakneck pace – driven primarily by digital, it seems as if marketing practitioners just cannot keep pace with the change.

Its common to hear digital marketers moan and groan how traditional marketers just “don’t get it”. While this is true to a certain degree, I think the bigger issues lies with fear of the unknown.

Would you suddenly shift all your marketing budget to digital channels overnight just because digital is where it’s at?

If it where my company I wouldn’t.

But having said this I still think there needs to be more from the corporate world as far as shifts in advertising spend.

It needs to follow an incremental increase over time as this is the logical sequence to follow. If you only spend 5% online then shift this to 10% then 15-20% and so on.

Learning and measuring as you go along, find out what works and what doesn’t – With digital you’ll know very quickly as opposed to offline channels such as outdoor etc where it’s great as part of an integrated marketing plan but is very difficult to measure in isolation.

What are your thoughts about shifting adspend online?

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