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The Importance Of Link Building In Any SEO Campaign

When we speak about search engine optimization, the first thing that comes to mind is how we should go about putting in the right amount of targeted keywords within the content on our websites. We are told that we should always have the keyword within the headline of the article, and then there should be a certain density percentage of how often that particular keyword should be sprinkled within the content.

Lastly, to ensure that we get the best results, it is also highly advised to add our keywords within the meta-tags of our site. Lastly, we are then told that link building is also important, as this ensures that search engines believe our site is important enough for others to link to it. Generally, the last statement will be said as if it were an afterthought and nothing more.

Keep in mind that no matter what anyone tells you, link building is probably the most important factor that dictates your overall ranking within the search engines. Yes, there are many other factors, and each of those factors will play some important part in the whole search engine optimization scheme. However, out of all of these factors, link building arguably has the biggest impact on where your site will actually rank, and there is good reason for this.

Keep in mind that while it is important to let the major search engines know what your site is about by sprinkling keywords strategically all over your content, this type of information is not enough to convince the major search engines of how others perceive your site. In the end, the search engines are doing whatever they can to give the end user the best experience when they type in their search, and in order to do this, they do not only want to bring up relevant pages. Instead, they want to bring up good quality relevant pages.

The best way to achieve this is by ranking your site based on what others think of it. Therefore, if someone decides to link to your site, it means that they feel your site is so interesting that they would want others to find it as well. So if enough people are linking to your site, this in turn means that the type of content you are providing is most likely of high quality and relevant. Let’s take it a bit further: because search engines rely heavily on what other people think of your site when they rank you, there will be certain links that have more value than others.

The value of a link can either be dictated by how relevant it is, or in many cases, by how much authority a particular site linking to your site has. By understanding this important factor, and by utilizing it to the best of your ability, you will find it becomes easier to rank well within the major search engines, and this can even be for very competitive keywords.

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