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The importance of consistency with link building

Link Building has long been considered the bedrock of of any SEO strategy worth its salt.

Link Building is probably the heaviest weighted factor when looking at organic search rankings. Yes there are many other variables to effective SEO but link building is the foundation upon which all the other variables are built.

The problem with most link building strategies is that people either start and stop or go heavily into link building for a few months and spend considerable amounts of money and then pull back and pretty much stop the momentum.

This is the biggest mistake you can make – firstly search engines don’t really like this and you will lose your ranking as quickly as you built it. Think of it like this, if you were a retail store and promoted a 50% sale on an ongoing basis and ensured that you had stock to fulfill the special offer but then one day you decided you aren’t replenishing your stock anymore but you will still promote the 50% special – sooner rather then later people are not going to believe you any more and people will stop shopping at your store, eventually leading you to bankruptcy.

So the key is to consistently build your links to your website on an ongoing, daily/monthly basis to ensure that your hard fought rankings continue to appear in the top spots in the search engines.

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