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The Importance of a Social Media Crisis Response Plan

Businesses and big brands continue to flock to the ever-growing world of social media and with this the paradigm shift and big budget investment in the space continues unabated,

But many of these companies continue to overlook a critical part of any successful long term social media strategy – that of crisis response.

Most of these big brands invest in risk management processes and systems but they tend to disregard the application of the same principles to social media.

We’ve seen major fall outs online continuously over the last few years, with some notable ones worth mentioning such as the United Breaks Guitars viral – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo – the Motrin fiasco (do a Google search for Motrin video) and many others.

The major insight here is that all these brands and companies followed the same track – failure to manage the situation due to a social media crisis response plan.

So what exactly is a Social Media Crisis Response Plan?

The Social Media Crisis Response Plan should follow off the social media strategy that you have (please say you have one) – this plan should look at all possible scenarios your company may encounter in the social media space.

This may include positive and negative responses and the process that needs to be followed to manage these responses, including departmental key contacts, escalation and response strategy and include your public relations agency in this process too (you are going to need them when things get really bad – Shell is a perfect example), and lets hope things don’t get really bad.

What response plans do you have in place?


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