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The correlation between search engine rankings and social media

Social media sites have a major impact on the Internet as a whole, and all things directly and indirectly are now affected by this impact, and rightfully so. What social media has been able to achieve, is to help surfers do exactly what they have always dreamed of: socialise. With the world becoming smaller and smaller and communication becomes easier, all marketing media and other online marketing tools will be affected in some way or another. Search engine rankings are no exception either.

In fact, this is one area where you will find a huge change compared to how things were done in the old days. If you take a look at many of the sites that are ranked in the top ten of major search engines, one thing that you will notice after doing a backlink check is that a large number of those links will be coming from different social media websites.

All of the major search engines understand just how important it is to use the social power of the Internet in order to provide quality and relevant listings for their users. Remember, the search engines are always looking for a better way in which to provide good quality and relevant content, and one way that seems to work well for them is by relying on the mass votes of humans. Any site that has a link pointing from these social media websites will have a better chance at ranking well in the search engines, because social websites are made up of humans.

In other words, your rankings rely heavily on how many links are coming from these social media sites, because in essence, they will be coming from real people who find some type of value within your content. If these people believe that your site provides relevant and valuable content, then it makes sense that the search engines should agree with them by helping your site to rank well.

So the correlation that can be seen between search engine rankings and social media sites is the vote of confidence. In other words, the only reason why your site is ranking well is because ití garnered the vote of the people. Others are linking to your site because it contains worthwhile content, and because of this, it only makes sense that you rank highly in order to help search engines keep their end-users happy as well.

When you begin your link building campaign in order to juice up your search engine optimisation efforts, this is one area that should be taken seriously, because it will have a big say in where your site finally ranks.

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