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The Case For Email As A Digital Channel

With the rise of social media, a lot of us are now looking at ways to monetize the latest platforms and push our marketing messages forward. We already know about SEO and the importance of organic search traffic, but we want to be able to do more. What we are looking to do is simply progress as a business, but it is important to remember that there are more than just the latest ways to really make sure our companies are making the most of the web and all that it has to offer. Once we start paying closer attention to what all we have at our disposal, we will definitely do better than those who simply chase the latest craze online.

Email Remains Relevant Even in This Age of Social Media

It is easy to forget, but email is still a truly viable way to communicate and do business. This is how the web began to rise in popularity and it is still something that a lot of companies are just not using to their fullest advantage. The thing is, if you are not making the most of your email contacts then chances are good that you will not be monetizing social media nor search traffic the way you should, either. Start by taking a look at the basics and seeing just how indispensable email really is as a digital channel. You can reach people quickly and you are communicating just to them, one on one, in their mind. If you approach email the right way, it can be a truly satisfying experience for your customers and that is going to lead to more business from them.

Customer Service Can Still Be Done Quickly and Easily via Email

One way you need to make sure that you are using email to its fullest is how you employ it for customer service. People like getting a rapid response and while an auto-responder is great to let them know that their message was received, you also want to make sure that your people are actually keeping as up to the minute with email inquiries as possible. For some customers, social media is not what they want to be involved with and they prefer contacting your company via email. Respect this and try to make sure that the lines of communication are always open to them. In the end, this is a very good way to get troubleshooting done and as long as customers do not have to wait too long between replies, it can be an excellent way to address complaints, as well, without having them aired in public by a consumer who is upset with your company. That alone makes email a channel that is worth preserving.

Newsletters Remain an Excellent Way to Engage Your Audience

Not much has replaced the value that a well maintained email newsletter can bring to your company. You can talk to customers, provide them with valuable information that they appreciate and showcase your latest products or services. This helps them stay informed on what your company is doing and, in the end, it is one thing you know they are likely to see. A lot of the streams in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ move so rapidly that we don’t always see most of the data that goes through them. If you want to really get to your customers, a very relevant newsletter that does not bombard them is going to be a first class tool for doing exactly this. Keep things crisp, active and with lots of calls to action and you are bound to make plenty of sales. It is an art form, of course, but it is definitely one that is going to bring your company success if you take the time to master it.

A Well Groomed Email List Can Be Pivotal in Marketing Success Online

Keeping your newsletter fresh and exciting is smart, but also make sure that you are focusing on the people who really want to receive it. You can use your social media profiles to invite people to sign up for email newsletters you have, but every once in a while you need to try to get some responses to make sure that it is still effective. Run some contests or giveaways and get an idea of which customers are sticking around and making the most of what your newsletter offers. This is essential and if you keep that newsletter brimming with good stuff that gets to the right people, it will make you a great deal of money.

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