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Social Media Marketing Numbers

Any social media marketing campaign is going to be involved with just the metric of traffic, or just the metric of user counts.

Any respectable campaign will encompass a rich variety of metrics, and may even employ a bit of organic balancing, where the marketer finds that data, projections, and reality aren’t lining up, so they’ll try something else. So there’s the dimension of a bit an artisan or even craftsmanship when it comes to a marketer and a marketing firm, it’s something you want to try to see if you can pinpoint about a firm and an individual professional.

Because for all of the metrics, for all of the data points and demographics that we’re able to mine trends about these days, a marketing campaign will fall flat if there isn’t that core instinct, if there isn’t that gut feeling and sense about markets and people in general.

Professionals that are able to buck a trend, that are able to position products, services, and other assets well in the market place will exhibit this canny ability. The thing about marketing on the web, as well, is the fact that, fortunately or not, accuracy isn’t exactly there just yet.

Meaning, you have to blanket a wide area of the web, in order to yield anything substantial. Case in point might be the retailer on the web that has to have a daily visit count of thousands of unique visitors and users in order to book just one sale. It’s definitely still a numbers game.

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