Yoav Tchelet
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Social Media Marketing Is Required

You can’t very well get anywhere these days with your business, without incorporating the social web.

When you build up a marketing plan, and it neglects the social web, it’s like rendering your marketing plan impotent. Put another way, from another perspective. Before the social web matured, we had email.

And we had a voice online. We could send messages out to people we knew. But that’s it.

We could only sort of call and reach out to people we knew. But with social media, this is like email “out on the public streets.” Yes, it’s used by individuals to keep in touch with each other, but it’s also a platform for businesses to set up store fronts to their retail shops or whatever sort of operation you’re running. And that’s why social media marketing is so key.

Without this in your general marketing plan, what do you have?

You don’t have a store front. You don’t have a front door on the public street.

A URL won’t do anything unless people see it.

And between the social media and networking sites out there (and with the biggest one having over 500 million unique users), there are well over a billion users out there. And so proportionately, talking about percentages here, it’s more a matter of “Who doesn’t have a social media or networking account?”

And when you’re dealing with a number of over billion unique users, well, that’s just huge opportunity, regardless of the industry you’re operating and competing in.

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