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Social Media Marketing and Planning

With almost 2 billion internet users world wide (and with that number only rapidly growing), it’s hard not to do business on the web, and a lot of retailers in the United States and other developed countries are realizing this.

Regardless of the industry, the web is a critical space to compete in, to exist in, to have a presence in. And a big piece to the web is the social piece. It’s almost as if the web would only be half of what it is today if it weren’t for a few key pieces, key infrastructures in the social web.

The numbers (of unique users, in readership trends, in consumption trends, etc.) make it absolutely requisite that any marketing plan involve a social media marketing component, only because of the fact that, recent surveys have indicated that more and more people are choosing to communicate through social media, through social networking services, rather than direct lines of communication such as email, or standalone instant messaging services.

And this isn’t ever going to reverse course. It’s almost as if the genie’s be let out, and despite whatever privacy concerns about one social networking service comes out, there only seems to be another “hot service” du jour. And that kind of brings up another good point, which is when you put together a social web marketing plan, you’ve got to have this plan accommodate and anticipate that there be new technologies, new firms, and new services to use in the future.

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