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Social Media Marketing And Per-dollar Productivity

The common misconception is that social media necessarily involves video.

What’s often thought of and assumed is that a social media site is a video hosting and serving site sort of service, in which comments play a central role. Only a fraction of this is actually the case, as pertains to the definition of the the term.

Social media is actually a platform; it’s a variety of methods and technologies that enable a user to publish freely and widely, but at the same time, with specificity. This behavior and net result is referred to as a crowd sourced situation, where users and peers contribute to the amassing of the activities and consequently, the consumable content. This is just the sort of thing that business can use, and should use, and is really sort of sabotaging themselves if they decide note to use these technologies.

And the fact of the matter is that a social media marketing plan will not just involve starting up an account with a various number of these services and websites.

No, that’s not enough. It isn’t even enough to hire a menial programmer, to bring in house, to have some nifty, novel, clever apps created to make use of these social media sites’ API code sets. No, what’s needed is an overarching, overall, macro social media plan that plays a critical role in the overall marketing plan of the business.

Because the fact of the matter is, is that you won’t get any more bang for your buck in marketing than you will on the social web.

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