Yoav Tchelet
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Social Media Marketing and Data Mining

The web really wouldn’t have half its traffic had it not been for the social services that are now well matured and in full use today.

It’s this part of the web that really forces businesses of all sizes, of all industries, to produce not only a general marketing plan, but to put together a strong social media marketing component about this plan, that’s well thought out, and well put together. Just because the technologies are new, the services changing on a daily basis, and issues about privacy and the legalities of these issues not completely hashed out, it isn’t to say that all the underlying, latent marketing principles aren’t in play on the web. Demographics, the centuries old study and component of marketing, is still definitely in play, now more than ever.

The only real difference now is that information is cheaper (not necessarily free), and it’s digital. And when it’s digital, that means you can data mine.

Data mining is really the future to marketing on the web. And more and more businesses, small businesses even, are subscribing to data mining services, and marketers that know how to gather good information on their customers.

Because there is that danger. It’s a requisite that social media marketing be a critical component to everybody’s marketing plan, but there is that danger, because of the lower prices of information, of misinformation and “clutter.” And a good marketer will win your confidence about this issue, naturally, through the course of your own internal vetting processes.

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