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Social CRM Systems

The social web has matured well over the years, to a point where demographics other than those that belong to the high school and collegiate groups, are now a part of this piece and dimension of the web.

“Social” is a matter of mixing the ideas and concepts of the internet and sociology in these senses. For instance, what does a professional do when he attends a conference out of town, a trade conference, namely?

He networks. He walks the room, and some people he knows, and some people doesn’t know and is meeting for the first time. Well, the same goes for the web. Social networking refers to the manipulation of a social network, usually manifested by some friends or buddies list.

This list, many in the computer science realm, is comprised of “nodes,” and you can imagine that each node is sort of like a pin, with a head, and you can kind of imagine that, that head’s affixed with a sticker of that person’s icon or actual photo; that’s the profile for you. It’s as if a person’s network is there, atop a 2 dimensional space, a grid even, and you can see the spacial relations between your various contacts; friends, co-workers or otherwise. A social network will explain, for example, “Tim is in your network,” Or, “You have 12 mutual friends.”

This dynamic and functionality is being harnessed by various customer relations platforms (social CRM systems). Because, what is social networking? Again, it’s a visual, a game type situation wherein you can view relations, manipulate nodes within your network, etc.

Social CRM is about combining all of this together – namely people, processes and technology.

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