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Social CRM – Closing the Loop with Technology

In my previous Social CRM post I introduced the concept of Social CRM and what it’s all about, albeit in scant detail.

To truly understand Social CRM one needs to go back to traditional CRM and to get a better idea of how to fully harness the power of Social CRM.

Traditional CRM is all about providing or at least trying to provide a 360 degree view of the customer – why would we want this 360 degree view?

Quite simple actually, by having a 360 degree view you are able to slice and dice a wealth of information relating to that customer in order to provide better value to the customer.

Traditional CRM has evolved from the early days of sales force automation and now includes complex data mining systems with marketing automation ability and sophisticated marketing dashboards which allow marketers to figure out exactly the how, why, when and how much?

By having this wealth of information – the marketing message can be fine tuned, targeted and tailored to each individual customer – thereby cutting marketing expenses and achieving a higher return on marketing spend.

So how does Social CRM fit into all of this?

Quite simply actually – the traditional CRM system you are currently using, I will refer to Salesforce.com in this instance as they (in my mind are the leaders in the field), can now include the social web in the slicing and dicing of data sources.

Social networks such as Facebook give a very real perspective on your customers, a perspective that is quite hard to ascertain with current spend habits – this information can be fed back into your traditional CRM system. Now don’t get me wrong this is not the only dimension to Social CRM – this is only the technology element of Social CRM but a very important one.

There are 3 pillars to Social CRM – People, Processes and Technology.

Each one of these are interdependent and critical to the success of your Social CRM program.

In my next post I will discuss in more detail how the people and processes part fit together with the technology element of Social CRM.

Are you using Social CRM in any way in your business?

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