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Social CRM and the Web Marketer’s Objective

Customer relations have always been a sort of tricky thing to keep up. And with the worldwide economy’s never been as versatile, as deep and full of such active participants at any point in economic history.

Operations are coming online all over the world, servicing small businesses all over the world, over the internet, and maintaining customer relationships over the internet. The new opportunity is in the social web, though.

The social web is the piece of the web that has to do with social networking, social media, etc. There are some key differences between the social differences between networking and social media, for example. Social media is something that’s done in video, photos and pictures as well as music. It’s sort of like email but on in a collective situation.

You have social networking on the other hand, and this is an entirely different endeavor; this is the management of contacts, and the analysis of relationships between contacts, of contacts, and even the discovery and procurement of new contacts. It’s a mutually beneficial thing, in more ways than one. The key for the social CRM and the marketer is to “jump in to the middle” of all of these activities.

One way is through sponsorship. There activities, such as web based games that a company can sponsor. Of course, there’s the flooded and crowded track of taking out ad space with a social service. But that alone won’t “break through.” No, even independent musical bands have a more coordinated, comprehensive marketing strategy about the social web. What do you think?

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