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Social Commerce And F-commerce: What You Need To Know

By now, it is obvious to anyone in business that the web is an excellent way to market any product or service. However, for those who do not always keep themselves up to the minute on the latest developments in online commerce, you might not realize that things are changing with the rise of social media. Things are much more advanced than the early days of blogs and MySpace. Today, social media is thriving like never before and literally billions of dollars in sales are being made through social media channels each and every year. For those that are interested in finding the way to succeed in social media, here is a brief primer that can help you understand the nature of social commerce today.

The Definition of Social Commerce

Social commerce is essentially commerce that takes place in the social media sphere. This can mean a having customers buy directly from your company the way they would through a Facebook Store or it can mean driving sales through a social media profile. Today, sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and a variety of other major players do indeed drive a great deal of highly convertible, targeted traffic to commerce destinations on the web. If you sell directly over the web, this can be an even more effective way to reach customers than building an email list. The fact is, people enjoy using social media sites and they actually like showing off the things they buy there. In addition, they recommend products and services that they thing their friends ought to buy. This means that for those who want to increase the scope of their brand, social commerce is a very important way to do so.

The Definition of F-Commerce

The term F-commerce is a relatively new one, derived from the term e-commerce. In this case, the F stands for Facebook, one of the largest and most powerful brands on the web today. For those that want to reach out to an audience, Facebook is a great way to do it. Not only do customers check their Facebook frequently, they do tend to click on things more than they would on a typical web site. This means that if you open a Facebook Store, you can sell directly to those who have Friended or Liked your company’s page. Brands are already doing this with a huge amount of success and the dollar amount of sales done through these stores has been steadily, and quite dramatically, rising with each passing year. There are definitely few ways to get products out to customers that are as easy to implement or as appealing to those using the web today.

Is ‘Going Social’ a Profitable Path for Your Brand?

You need to take some time to evaluate whether or not your brand could benefit from a social media presence. If you sell a service, it could be a good idea, but typically products are going to be the best fit at this point in the social media sphere’s development. With products, you can set up stores and use your company’s social media profiles to drive traffic. This makes things incredibly easy for you because if you have done what you can to nurture a good audience, they will often be willing to click and even make purchases. Brands that have strong appeal for consumers do well on Facebook and other sites, especially things that people are likely to share. If your brand is not particularly one that seems ‘fun’, it could take a little work to get your following built up, but intelligence and persistence are what win out in social media. Find a way to make your brand something people want to show off and they will end up doing the rest for you. Keep in mind that getting consultation on how to best make social media work for you is definitely a smart idea if you are struggling right now.

Laying the Foundation for a Solid Social Presence Today

It is important for beginners to realize that just like any other web based endeavor, building a solid social media presence can take time. You will need to set up your profiles, optimize them and then begin reaching out to those who might be interested in what you have to sell. Don’t focus exclusively on advertising your products because that is not what social media is about. People want interaction and if they get it, then sales are likely to follow. Keep at it and success often happens faster than you anticipated.

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