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Retargeting To Get Your Customers Back To Your Site

Retargeting is simply getting your potential customers back to your site to see what they have missed. These are customers that have gone to your site because the interest was there. They navigated around the site, they visited several parts of it, they may have even placed something in their shopping cart, and then just left. You need to get them back, because they are the type of customer that may eventually purchase something from your site. After all, the user was there with that in mind to begin with.

Online businesses have one goal in mind. To get the consumer to buy something. So, these businesses need to recapture the sales they have lost. Why did the customer leave? When they visited your site, they probably did one of several things. They either purchased something, registered all of their information, place something into their shopping cart but did not complete the transaction, or vanished into cyberspace never to be heard from again. Statistics show that seventy percent of customers place items in their shopping carts and then do not complete the sale. Further statistics show that actually ninety eight percent of your website visitors do not buy anything. These ninety eight percent need to be retargeted, but in a non-intrusive manner.

There is a lot of time and money spent on marketing. These budgets are wasted if customers are not retargeted. They were interested in what you had to sell in the first place, or they would never have visited your site. Now, you need to get them back.

The ninety eight percent that left without purchasing can be retargeted with retargeting or remarketing as it is also known. This will make all of your marketing efforts more cost effective, because there will be much more of a likelihood of the consumers who have already visited before finally completing a transaction.

You have initially driven your consumers to your site in one of several very effective ways. They either found you through their favourite search engine, or through effective email marketing. They may have seen your banner ads in various places around the Internet, or maybe they were exposed to part of your marketing campaign. They could have seen your products in a television ad, heard it on a radio ad, or saw it in a newspaper. These are all very effective to peak your consumer interest and get them to the site and this is fifty percent of the retargeting already done for you at that point.

What comes next with retargeting is simple. A code is placed on each page of your website. This code is similar to a web analytics code, and it will retarget the appropriate customers by identifying them. At this point, seventy five percent of the system is complete.

Within minutes these retargeted customers are contacted through emails once again. This makes your original marketing budget pay off much more. And the system is ninety five percent done.

When contacted again, these customers are sent directly to the ordering page. They can be lured with special incentive programs, such as perhaps ten percent off the product, or maybe free shipping and handling. They were interested once before, and maybe this time they will complete the purchase.

After they have made a purchase, there is no reason for you not to contact them again. The retargeting continues, because they have bought something, they are already familiar with your site and your products, they have had a great experience with their purchase, and perhaps they will buy again.

More visibility is key to getting your initial customers, as well as additional customers, and getting them all to come back to your site. You do not want to bombard them with your products, but if they are nudged periodically, they will be tempted to return to your site and you may make a sale.

Many Fortune 500 companies use this system. Major phone companies use it, as do some online trading systems, even an online University utilizes it to constantly remind students that the opportunities they were looking for are still there. It actually does get the consumer back to the site they were interested in to begin with, and many times a sale is then made. Google uses retargeting in its Adwords program (known as remarketing) and there are a number of specialist retargeting companies such as Fetchback.

Retargeting is the best way to continue to advertise your site and your products. It is a reiteration of the items available. The consumer needs this reinforcement, because of the fast and confusing world we live in. They are constantly being shown many different products, so your product needs to be one of those that is presented again and again.

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