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Renault South Africa needs a bit of a wake up

Over the weekend I was trawling the net looking at different car offers, new cars, second hand cars – you name it.

I came across a Renault special offers site – simple site but functional and gave the just of the offer.

They could have added some more features to the site to make it more user friendly but on the whole its not bad for the role it plays.

Now is where the interesting bit comes into play – I thought I would complete an online inquiry for one of their vehicle offers which also included the option to test drive the vehicle.

I promptly received an sms confirming my request and that someone would contact me ASAP.

Being a Sunday I couldn’t expect a call there and then but any reasonable person would expect contact to be made to following business day – being Monday?

Well to my disappointment I did not receive any call or email, even worse its now Tuesday and still no sign of the much lauded special offer on their site.

Renault – is anyone there?

They did a reasonably good job of getting me to the special offers website but then the wheels came off – excuse the pun.

It’s all about closing the loop across all your marketing channels – so in this case between digital and through to dealer level (offline).

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