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Payjar – The new SA Payment System Unpacked


The latest payment system to hit the market, Payjar.com is quite interesting.
The first interesting bit is that it is a local South African platform being launched by the Naspers stable, secondly it looks like Payjar wants to take on Paypal in the SA market – who knows maybe even go global after using SA as a test bed?

At first glance Payjar has some striking resemblance to Paypal – why change a successful business model?
Yes Payjar is very much focused on the SA market and Kalahari.net is the first online retailer offering Payjar as a payment method.

Clever on the part of Naspers, use a big online retailer such as Kalahari to test market the platform, iron out any issues and expand from there.
Will Payjar succeed?
Time will tell, but in my view Payjar is well poised to take on Paypal for the following reasons:
1. Paypal is still difficult to transact through for business owners – you need to have an FNB bank account and all transactions are reported to the Reserve Bank as a foreign inflow of funds.
2. Paypal doesn’t quite get the intricacies of the fledgling SA e-commerce market

Payjar has some competition in the form of Payfast and other small incumbents – do you think Payjar will succeed?

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