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Link Building In A Highly Social Environment For Search Engine Success

We all know that social media is the next big thing and that how we respond to its dominance is going to determine the success we have in business. However, you have to do more than recognize this new way for people to interact with each other. You also need to try and find out ways by which it can be useful to your business. It is time to evolve if you are still doing things the way you were before 2005 or so. Even those still operating on strategies from two or more years ago could have issues. We still need links, but now it is time to learn how to build them in an effective way for this new digital environment.

Old Link Building Strategies Won’t Work and Often Do Damage

We know that spamming the web with links is not helpful, but despite all of the clever ways of looking at linking strategies from the past, most of them involved doing exactly that. What happened is the big search engines, like Google, came up with ways to try and discount those gobs of links and put the spam providers right out of business. Links still count in a big way, but they need to be relevant. If you are simply trying to accrue massive numbers of links you are bound to end up wasting precious time and money. It is links that you can make in the social sphere that matter, but you can not approach it the way you might have simple links for search engines. Traffic from the social sphere operates differently.

Start Thinking Social if You Want Traffic These Days

When you begin to think in a more social way, what you realize is that you can not just buy links on a bunch of sites and hope to succeed. Instead, what you need to do is try and get people to spread your links for you. This means that you want them linking to you from their social media profiles, you want them posting your link on their walls, tweeting your links and maybe even mentioning you in a YouTube video. All of this takes interacting with those people and making sure you offer something they are going to want. It is easy to get links if you are sharing something they find funny, fascinating or attention grabbing enough that they just have to share it with their friends. Don’t forget that blogs with real traffic are yet another place where you want your links to be. Start engaging the people out there and you are bound to find that they can get the word out about your business.

Think Social to Get Good Search Rankings Too

Social sites do factor into search algorithms and what’s more, since things can go viral so quickly, they will definitely be helping you out. The echo effect that we see on social media sites mean that you are bound to have any link you put out there count for quite a lot in the search engines if people really do pick it up and start spreading it. This shows the search engines a form of confidence in your links, provided that those profiles are not simply networked profiles for spamming purposes. If you start getting your site popular with social media users, they are going to help your search rankings just by talking about. These days, social media platform links can be as valuable as any blog or even aged site because they are real time acknowledgments of the validity of your site and that matters for search engine rankings.

Blend Your Marketing to Tap the Web’s Full Potential for Your Efforts

Now if you really want to get the most out of the social media sites, you do still need to do some organic SEO efforts. In addition to that, it is going to be important for you to make sure that you are diversifying across multiple social media platforms. What you want to do is try to gel your efforts so that you have created a marketing presence which is fully integrated. Your site and your social media presence should work together, along with any other type of marketing you do. Your brand should be recognizable, but the way it interacts with each platform should be fine tuned for that audience. If you take this approach, you are going to find that your audience spreads the word about you without a lot of effort.

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