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HTML5 Makes it’s Mark, Is This the End of Flash?

In recent weeks the uptake of HTML5 has hit a new growth path.

When HTML5 was released there were many that dismissed HTML5 as an add-on to what can currently be done with Flash on the visual front.

Twitter, The Financial Times and inMobi are just some that have given their firm backing to HTML5.

Apple’s reluctance to support Flash seems like it could be making more sense now as the market moves to embrace HTML5.

Even Adobe, the custodian of the much vaunted Flash platform, has just announced the launch of Adobe Engage – its own HTML5 animation platform.

So is Flash finally having its last encore?

Well I wouldn’t dismiss Flash too quickly – although HTML5 offers a wealth of functionality that Flash doesn’t in terms of device support, performance etc – Flash still outguns HTML5 for sheer design and animation ability.

Will it be this way in the next 18-24 months?

Maybe note – the rapid adoption of HTML5 will mean that the support for it and its development will continue and the evolution into future iterations such as HTML6 will very well be the sounding bell for the end of Flash.

The rise of mobile phone adoption throughout the world and the need for a scalable and device independent rich media platform will add to the demise of Flash.

What do you think?

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