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HP Drives Social Media with Paparazzi Competition

It’s nice to see companies trying their hand in the social media space and the latest campaign from HP & Intel is interesting. HP and Intel are launching a slick new campaign that lets HP SA’s Facebook likers experience the life in the limelight as a celebrity with only their HP laptop to shield them from the flashing bulbs of the Paparazzi.

In terms of the campaign mechanics? Well this is how it works – Fans need to take their HP Laptop in their hand and imagine the paparazzi have their camera pointed at them. Then they need to strike a pose like a true celeb while using the laptop to shield them from all the flashing bulbs of the camera. Once they have their stunning, posy picture, they then need to go to the HP SA Facebook page and write the following on our wall: Life is my stage. HP and Intel help me perform. You can help me win. Do you like my pose? and upload their photo together with the post.

In terms of prizes HP are giving away their flagship HP Envy – nice but I would have possibly pushed through more than this from a prize perspective. The problem with promotions like these is that they need to be followed up continuously otherwise you lose momentum.

What are your thoughts on this campaign?

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