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How Link Building Through Social Media Can Be Effective In Your Search Engine Optimisation Efforts

With the rapid demand and growth of social media websites, all the major search engines have begun to understand why this type of medium has made such an impact on the Internet as a whole, and from what they have learned, their algorithms are now putting a lot of weight on any links coming from these websites, which in turn will have a huge impact on where your site will rank within these search engines.

While this is becoming common knowledge, there is still a lack of information in terms of how to utilize these social media sites in order to get the right type of links. In fact, many webmasters are taking the wrong approach by simply trying to flood the social news sites with as much content as possible in the hopes that this will be enough to generate the type of links that search engines are looking for. The problem with this approach is that they are simply using a shotgun approach by targeting as many social news sites as possible.

While this might have worked in the past, search engines have also come to realize that in order to get a true idea of what people think about your site through the social media sites, it would need to be focused more on buzz than actual link counts as such.

Yes, the amount of links still do count, but you just have to go about doing it in a slightly different way. When you think about social media sites, you have to keep the idea of creating a buzz in mind. In other words, you are better off getting many links of the same content from one particular social media site then getting one link from a thousand different sites. The reason for this is because search engines are focusing their attention on actual votes, because it is these votes that give a true idea of what people think about your site. So, if enough people of voting your site up the ranks within a given social media website, search engines will take this into account and most likely improve your overall rankings within their search results.

If you think about it, this concept makes a lot of sense, because the whole idea of social media sites is that they have human voters who are there to socialize with each other, which in turn means that if they find any particular piece of content interesting, they will begin voting it, thus creating that buzz. So if you are considering to use social media as a way to help in your backlinking efforts, it is important to have the same mindset that you will commonly find within the social media websites.

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