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How Customer Relationships Will Shape the Future of Marketing

It’s not long ago that reports started to come out saying that CRM – Customer Relationship Management – would soon be dead as a dodo.

It wasn’t generating revenue and its strategies were pitiful. However, it seems that they are making a comeback. Evidently, this is because one of the biggest media trends is the ever growing presence of social media, now no longer just accessible through computers but also through our mobile devices. Hence, businesses are having a rethink about the various CRM initiatives.

In fact, the comeback is believed to be so strong that it will completely change how businesses adapt to the behavior of their customers. According to Techopedia however, this does mean that the providers of CRM systems will come up with some new best practices and innovative ideas.

“Customers now have the tools to express their opinions on anything, at any time and anywhere in the world. This has changed the role of customer feedback, and made it much more important; after all, customer feedback over social media has been known to make or break businesses.”

Understanding the Needs of Customers
The needs of customers are changing continuously. If you have taken steps to understand the needs of your customers in the past, that doesn’t mean that you now “get them”.

You need to keep on top of their needs and continue to innovate your own products. Constant Contact Blogs explains that there are limits to this as well though.

“This doesnt mean delving into the personal lives of those who shop at your store or sign up for your servicesit means making a renewed dedication to letting your customers drive your marketing decision making.”
Marketing, essentially, isn’t just about making your business grow. It is about making sure that your customers have an experience that gives them a positive feeling, that will give them value. Because of that, whenever they need a new service or a new product, they will come to your business again.

Social Engagement Should Be In-Person Communication
It is certainly true that in many ways, all the social networking tools that we have at our disposal have made us less sociable. There is truth in this, because we tend to spend huge amounts of time behind a computer talking to people we don’t see. We lose all the non-verbal communication, unless you count emoticons but even those have their limits.

According to Small Business Success Blog, we must change the way our marketing success and our brand measure up against each other. Sure, it’s great to get likes, comments and shares but that only means you have left an impression. As a business, you want to earn cash.

“As marketers, we all need to reshape these success metrics and bring a renewed dedication to generating personal relationships from that social activity.”
There are other important ways that customer relationships will shape the future of marketing. Essentially, it is all about being “customer centric”.

The customer is at the heart of every operation you undertake. They have to feel valued and be applauded for their continued efforts to come back to you. The view point is that customers don’t care about your products. What they care about is what your products will enable them to do.

Hence, you must make sure that their experience is relevant. You also need to make sure that your customers’ privacy is respected at all times, which is a very current issue. A lot of marketing buzzwords are being thrown into the arena and you need to look through this to see the real message: it’s all about your customers.

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