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How CRM Strategies Can Be Optimised For A Digital World

Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM, is one of the most essential parts of increasing a company’s effectiveness in today’s world. Most of the time, the bulk of the work in this area is going to fall on the shoulders of your IT team, but they are going to have to work with those in customer service and marketing, too, a lot of the time. The fact is, companies have to employ solid CRM strategies and efficient tools if they are going to keep their customers happy. It is a never ending task, but it certainly has to be handled and the better you get at it, the more success you can expect.

Why Traditional CRM Strategies Need to Change for Today’s World

Everything is going digital and if you want to compete, your company needs to have just as advanced of a CRM strategy as your competition has. Those companies that understand how to conduct CRM in the digital age are going to do well. They are going to be able to identify what their customers want from them and make sure they are responding. Every time a sales rep or customer service professional deals with one of the customers of a company with solid CRM, they are going to know how to handle the problem or add a little extra value to delight that customer. This is why CRM is great, but when you are dealing with the world of the digital, it is going to help if you can go further and use the extra information that is now available to you. If your company does not make an effort to do this, another company will and customers tend to go where they are treated best.

Take Advantage of What Social Media Shows You in Order to Succeed with CRM

You have probably heard about the concept of Social CRM and, if so, then you want to explore this concept. This is going further than just keeping track of phone or email conversations, transaction histories and other valuable bits of data about a customer. It is looking into what they do, what they like, what they don’t like, who they associate with and all of the other details that they share via social networks. People are now self describing and this means they want you to pay attention to the fact that they are sharing information about themselves. Companies that understand that are able to have more efficient interactions with their customers and please them that much more easily.

CRM Now Needs to Improve Customer Experience in Digital Ways

Digital tools can definitely speed things up for your company so it makes sense to take advantage of them. Use what you learn on your social media profiles to cater more specifically to your customers’ desires. If they are looking to be talked to, make sure you talk back. If they are wanting to have more discounts, start offering them. Now that there are ways to digitally record all of the interactions your company has with customers it makes sense to start doing exactly that. When they Like something, put that in your database. When they share something, make an effort to send some kind of automated thank you. By getting more involved with recognizing the contributions that the customers are making to the relationship you have with them, beyond simply purchasing things, you can be more tightly interwoven into their daily life. This is a great thing and it means that loyalty is bound to flow naturally from that.

Remember with Social Media Customer Experiences Spread Like Wildfire

Keep in mind that whatever experience a customer has with your company, be it good or bad, they are going to talk about that with others. They are going to spread negative experiences, but they will also promote you positively if they have a great experience. You want quality CRM so that things move quickly and your people know how to deal with each customer. This hits a basic human need to feel special and valuable and if you can do that, then you are definitely going to find that you get great results for the efforts you put in. Customers will give better feedback when they feel listened to and they are a lot less likely to complain to the people they interact with publicly if you have a good CRM system set up so that their experience of doing business with you leads to quick problem resolution and easy ordering, too.

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