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Google+ Launches – Will Google Get it Right this time?

Google+ Project

Google has tried once again with the launch of Google+ to take on Facebook in the social media space.
Will it work?
Well if history has anything to do with it then I’ve got my doubts – Think Google Wave and a whole host of similar attempts to pry open the world of social media.

Google has apparently invested thousands of hours, engineer resources and invested heavily in this project with careful oversight of CEO Larry Page.

It has launched to a select group of users where Google hopes to test and fine tune the platform before it opens up to the rest of the world.

This comes hot on the heels of Google’s +1 button which aims to tap the social element of search with recommendations which it claims will boost the profile of brands and encourage users to search more based on the recommendations, or not, of other users.

Google may have one up on Facebook when it comes to privacy issues – something Facebook has taken major flack for over the last few years.

The Google+ platform’s privacy settings are structured around the concept of Circles, a similar concept to having various circles of friends. The user has the ability to control what content these Circles of friends can see. Quite similar to what Facebook offers, except that Google+ goes on to create a few default groups (such as Circles of friends, family and acquaintances) and lets you use quite a nifty graphic interface to drag your friends into Circles.

Let’s watch this space – Google has been putting a lot of time and effort to socialise not only their core offering, in search but in socialising their entire business and strategy going forward.

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