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Google Instant – A whole lot more ad impressions for marketers

The launch of Google Instant has the web abuzz and in a state of flurry.

At the heart of the change is that from the time you type in a search query on Google – you are presented with search results, almost bombarding you. It’s not only the improvement in speed and time it takes to make a search query, Google estimates that users will save 2-5 seconds on average, but the ads that are displayed when you make the query.

As you type the PPC ads change according to the sequence of your query, in essence meaning more impressions for advertisers.

More impressions may be good but can also be at the detriment of advertisers as part of the ranking and bidding process Google employs in its PPC engine is to look at how often an ad that was displayed was then subsequently clicked on. Ads that don’t get clicked on, get penalized from a cost per click perspective.

There is a lot at play with this change, from consumer behaviour through to marketers having to be pragmatic in their approach.

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