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Focusing on the Social Experience

==Article Published on Social Media Today==

As the Social Media landscape evolves, grows and more companies use it the more they will all clammer to gain some share of voice from their target market.

There are companies that are utilizing the medium very well and are have tested some ingenious marketing techniques using social networking sites.

But on the whole there is much of the same being done, with companies and brands focusing on one or two of the main social media websites and delivering their messages to their would be customer base in the hope that they will react and ultimately buy their product.

I am not going to delve into the mechanics of the marketing process but I want to focus on the user experience and the engagement process that comes with it.

What most people tend to forget is that the marketing landscape has shifted and is continuing to shift – what I liken to continetal shifts in the marketing landscape.

We have, now more than ever, a chance to engage with our customers and potential customers on a one-to-one basis in a one-to-many environment.

Brands can share customer insights on the most personal level – talking directly to an individual’s needs and wants.

The social experience that most people experience is the same as they would experience on tv or radio with mass campaigns and corporate information being beamed through to them on a daily basis intertwined with special offers and competitions to round it all off.

Brands are missing the opportunity to gain very valuable insights and information into the psyche of their customers.

Companies need to take this opportunity to engage their users from a customer service level and integrate this into the bigger picture in their organization. By embarking on an integrated Social CRM strategy – you have the ability to do what other companies such as Dell and Best Buy have started to do and that is provide a superior level of customer service and engaging users on their basic needs and wants from their productsand services. Then they are able to mine that data and information and deliver better products, services, customer service and ultimately increase the level of consumer engagement.

Social Media is not about campaigns and apps at face value, it goes way deeper than that.

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