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Famazon – The Facebook and Amazon connection

Some of you that are avid Facebook or Amazon users (I guess with 500+ million users someone out there is bound to be an avid user) will have noticed that you can now link your Facebook account to your Amazon account.

Another coup in world domination for Facebook? Maybe. But remember that this is as much a coup for Amazon as Facebook.

Maybe more so for Amazon.

What this means is that Amazon can tap into the vast number of users on Facebook but take this a step further and use their fantastic recommendation engine to extrapolate your interests and activity via your Facebook account . These recommendations can now become smarter rather than relying on past purchase behaviour only but also glean insights into what it is you really enjoy.


This obviously raises a number of privacy concerns – privacy concerns which continue to haunt Facebook.

Amazon says it will not share your Amazon account information with Facebook. It wont reveal what items youre buying, and it wont contact your Facebook friends. Apparently if you dont share information publicly on Facebook, Amazon wont be able to take that information and disseminate it to others.

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