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Facebook Places vs. Foursquare

Facebook has just launched their answer to Foursquare – Facebook Places.

So what is Facebook Places?

With Facebook Places you have the option to share your location by “checking in” to that place and letting friends know where you are. You can easily see if any of your friends have also chosen to check in nearby.

The question for me is how Facebook intends to, if at all, integrate Facebook Places into the business page offering.

From what I hear this is in the pipeline and we should see something very soon. This adds a whole new dimension to the Facebook offering and takes Facebook another step further in their quest to create the defacto web environment – further adding strain to Google and their efforts to take Google Maps to a more integrated locaiton based search approach.

So what about Foursquare in this equation?

Well Foursquare still has the edge with its real-time stats feature that which gives you access to information such as the most recent customers, the frequency of their visits, gender breakdown etc, etc.

I think Facebook is taking it to the competition with Foursquare, Google and others firmly in their sights – the new Google?

What are your thoughts?

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