Yoav Tchelet
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Facebook clickjacking attacks

I read with interest today about the Facebook clickjacking attacks which is spreading through Facebook via the “Like” feature.

Apparently the attack has affected thousands of users and uses a combination of social engineering and clickjacking exploit makes it appear as if a user has liked a link.

Facebook is vulnerable, as is any website and social networking platform out there.

I think there has long been a false sense of security from a user perspective that, barring some privacy concerns, Facebook is a safe place for people to spend their days interacting with friends and family.

Website security has long been an issue and something that is never going to go away, rather it will continue to get more sophisticated in the future.

How do we protect ourselves as users?

Well that’s not an easy one to answer as there is no way you can be 100% safe, but common sense including having a good Anti-Virus/Spyware/Malware system installed on your pc including using the latest browser (preferably I advocate Firefox). The rest is up to the websites to ensure that their servers are secured and their websites have no security “holes”.

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