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Developing An Effective Social Media Strategy

Social media is very important to business today, but it is definitely going to take a good strategy to make the best use of it because if you do not do that, your efforts are bound to be scattered. Scattered efforts in social media not only look bad to the casual observer, they are just plain ineffective.

You want ROI and that means you are going to have to get serious about understanding the different social media platforms out there and the ways that companies are finding success with them. Sometimes it can take a little bit of time to get good at social media strategic thinking, but if you put in the time then you will get better. Yes, there is trial and error involved, but once you really know what you are doing it is bound to be a whole lot easier on you and those profits from proper social media marketing can start rolling on in.

A Solid Social Media Strategy Begins by Emphasizing Your Brand’s Appeal

First off, you need to start thinking about the strong points of your company and the products or services that it has to offer. What is it that you do better than your competition? What is it that customers end up being happy with or, better yet, raving about? You want to emphasize the good very strongly and help create positive associations with your brand in the mind of not only your current customers, but all those out there who might be considering doing business with you. It can take some time to figure it out, but if you work at it then you are going to be able to put together a presentation for your brand that fits into social media’s basic audiences and that is going to have people wanting to do business with you. Emphasize the best features and make sure your message is very clear about why the consumer ought to be buying what you have to sell them.

Define Your Core Audience and Find Out What They Want

After you have figured out what makes your company stand out online, the next step is to identify the people who make up your core audience on the web. This could be slightly different than the people who patronize your business offline, if you have an enterprise which exists in both spheres. You want to know who is buying what you sell, what they are doing with it and why they like it. All of that demographic data is going to help you make sure that your message to them sounds the way it should and that what you speak with them about actually matters to them. It can sometimes take a little bit of time to get the kind of responses you need in order to determine the nature of your audience and those who compose it, but if you have your social media managers working at this goal then it is going to prove very beneficial once you have put together a good idea of your customers online and what it is that they are looking for. This is the most valuable kind of research you can do with your social media presence today.

Explore What the Social Media Platforms Can Offer You

There are a lot of different platforms out there and they each have their strengths and weaknesses. There is, of course, Facebook with its hundreds of millions of users who use that Like button on content they like and check out status updates. There is also Twitter which has its own real time flow of messages being broadcast and that platform operates in a much different way. Then, there is Google Plus to compete with these two platforms and LinkedIn for the professionals crowd and on and on. The fact is, each of these platforms will have different benefits so what you need to do is try to determine where you are getting the best results and focus on that area. It will take a little bit of time to really get a good value from any platform, but persistence is what will pay off so keep at it.

Integrate Your Profiles to Maximize Audience Engagement

When you find out which of the platforms are giving you the best results, you know your brand’s important appealing features and you have identified your core audience, then it is time to put it all together. Integrate your social media profiles so that they market the same message, even if slightly re-worked for a different format, and create buzz by announcing contests, giveaways, special discounts and other offers that trigger audience engagement. By doing this, you are definitely going to see your profits rise.

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