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Branding and Social CRM

Social CRM is such a critical piece to any business operation.

What’s usually implied by social CRM, is a piece of the social web, and in turn, what’s implied by the social web, is social media, social networking, social work (collaboration, say, amongst students). Social CRM is taking shape in a way that’s still sort of getting organized.

A lot of big publicly traded companies have come out about their marketing plans in conference calls, explaining how they’re getting involved in customer discussions, instead of engaging in sort of unilateral marketing. In the process, they’re collecting feedback about products and services, and they’re turning that feedback into better products and services in turn. It’s a very organic activity and occurrence, and some would say “messy.”

Traditional metrics and managers don’t really understand social CRM, but it’s critical.

When most companies begin what’s just seemingly a social media marketing campaign, they inadvertently get into this social CRM area. Some campaigns are more robust and coordinated than others, with actual registration to certain platforms and websites being required of users and participants, in order to facilitate better data gathering about the customer.

The main thrust of this method of managing customers, data about customers, and even actually managing an actual customer account, is really having a huge impact on the bottom line, because an incredible sort of byproduct to all of this is that as the customer interacts, more and more, with the content and material of a CRM campaign, they grow attached to the brand, they develop a personal and sentimental connection with the brand.

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