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Blending Traditional CRM With Social CRM To Improve Profits

Change is a constant when it comes to business, but things speed up once you throw in the kind of technological innovation we have seen in the last couple decades. Today’s companies have to evolve rapidly if they want to succeed and they have to make sure they are staying relevant to their customers. There has been a big shift in how we look at the audiences we serve and a lot of it has to do with CRM, both traditional and Social CRM. If you want an edge in business, it really does pay to stay alert to the subtle shifts of the market. Let’s get started learning how we can blend CRM strategies so that we get the most from both traditional and social CRM efforts.

Relationships Are Now More Crucial Than Ever in Today’s Market

It should be fairly obvious that relationships are a basic component of the human experience. We all have them and they matter to us, they make us feel good, safe or valuable. Even in commerce, relationships are involved and this has always been the case, but now consumers are becoming a lot more aware of the impact they have on brands. This means that they are going to do what humans normally do when they discover that a new form of power is theirs to wield – they’re starting to use it to their advantage. This means that they are going to lean on their social relationships to help them make decisions. If their friends think a purchase decision is a bad idea because the business has a bad reputation, they are highly likely to do what their peers think is the right thing. However, if they get glowing reports about a company then things change and they just may want to do business with that excellent example of a great business. This is how consumer decisions are being made today, to summarize.

You Can Bring Traditional CRM Experiences to Social CRM to Improve Both

Traditional CRM is valuable because it gives you a good deal of data to work with so that you can make sure each customer has the best experience you can give them. This informs your sales team and your customer service reps of what your customers have gone through with your company so far, good or bad. It also helps you get some sense of the average experience that a customer interacting with your company is going to have. Good CRM is extremely valuable, but Social CRM goes a great deal further than this. It takes into account a lot of extra factors about your customers that really define who they are in terms of the kind of lifestyle they lead. It helps you cater to them in new and exciting ways that are bound to help you create a loyal customer over time. The ROI that many companies are seeing is convincing them that by blending traditional and Social CRM they are getting better results.

A Blended Approach is Going to Make Your Marketing More Powerful

Marketing is always going to be easier when you really understand your audience. If you have a lot of data, you can even break down your audience into sub-audiences and cater just to those smaller segments as a way of engaging them in a manner that appeals to them. This is a smart way to go and if you do it the right way, you just may find that you wind up with some very happy customers. They know that you are paying attention to them and that you are not just there for a quick sale before moving on. They know that interacting with your company is going to give them what they want and that it will mean something in the long run. That is a very good way for consumers to think about any company because it means they are several times more likely to stay loyal to that company as the years go by.

We Are in an Age of Experimentation So Embrace That

The truth is, there is no once size fits all solution for bringing together CRM strategies of the traditional and social types. You can share data between both of these databases and help those who help your customers and that is a smart idea. However, each company is going to have to evaluate their systems and find out how they can do CRM better and serve their core audience better, too. If you put in the time to think things through, it definitely gets a lot simpler for you.

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