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B2B in a digital B2C world

It’s pretty much of the same thing — we’re all looking for the next big thing, whether its the next big stock pick that’s going to shower us in riches or picking the winning lottery number.

We all want to be one step ahead. Advertising in the digital age seems to have taken a similar approach, with big and bold seemingly better — “out of the box” thinking is all the hype.

It seems that the basics have been forgotten amidst all the over complication of strategy and creative in the digital advertising world.

So much so that Business to Business (B2B) advertisers are actually quite confused as to what the opportunities are out there for them.

In a recent study by eMarketer, these perceptions were validated when B2B and Business to Customer (B2C) advertisers where polled on what digital advertising they are planning, doing or not doing.

We all know that with B2B markets, the sales lead times are much longer relative to B2C environments. The focus is also often on lead generation vs sales as a conversion indicator.

There is also generally much more face to face time in a B2B environment an personal selling involved vs a B2C sales cycle.

B2C advertisers are generally quite focused when it comes to social media — the vast majority are already invested in Facebook and only 7.9% are not present there — yet.

With B2B advertisers, there is a much larger divide with most quite split between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

But even with this split, only 11.7% of B2B advertisers are not active on Facebook.

A point to make is that Facebook is not right for every type of business and just because you’re not there doesn’t mean you should be in that space.

The big picture scenario with the current state of B2B advertising digitally is that there is so much hype around social media and too much of the same thing going around in terms of big idea campaigns that the basics of how to drive value in a B2B environment is often forgotten.

The opportunities are massive for B2B advertisers and there has never been more opportunities to drive value digitally in a B2B environment as we currently have.

From Reputation Management to CRM, Mobile and Social CRM– now is the time for B2B to rise up and take advantage of what’s out there without worrying about the big idea campaigns and sticking to basics.

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