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Are Social Media Campaigns Really Social? Part 2

In my previous post I discussed briefly the fact that many social media campaigns out there focus on the marketing/advertising or pr aspect and tend to fall short of adding real value from a business and customer perspective.

I also used a real world example, a long one at that, to show how business can add value to their social media campaigns.

I want to focus the second part of this on the part where business can add immense value to what it does from a social media perspective.

I often find the same approach where a company sees Facebook or Twitter or any other social network as something that “needs” to be done and have an almost tick box approach just to say ” we are doing the social media thing”.

The thing is that some companies shouldn’t be doing it at all – I don’t think that every company needs to be in the social media space, having said that these companies that wouldn’t do well in the social media space are missing a lot of other digital marketing opportunities.

My main point here is that as a business start by looking at what your objectives as a business are and what it is that you would like to get out of social media. Then look at any business process or approach that you think can be improved using technology or digital channel.

Then combine this with the initial objectives and what you think you can get out of social media and combine it all – often you will find that by approaching social media from a business or customer service perspective – you will not only get a lot more value from it but the marketing/advertising and pr part of the process will become easier to develop and implement and will get you a much higher ROI.

Have you tried this approach in your business? Let me know.

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