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Ad:Tech London 2010 Round-up

Well this last week I attended Ad:Tech in London, I can’t comment on previous year’s events as this was my first Ad:Tech event.

I was excited to attend a show of this magnitude and especially because I was asked to be a speaker at the conference which added an extra dimension to the experience.

So what were some of the key take-outs from the event?

Well firstly it was pretty congested and filled with exhibitors and speakers from many companies such as affiliate networks, ad networks, mobile ad networks, digital agencies, email service providers and many more such as Google etc.


– From an SEO perspective (also something I covered in my talk), is that SEO and Social Media are becoming very closely aligned and what you do from a social media perspective is inevitably going to affect your SEO efforts

– Mobile search is projected to increase to around 73% of all searches done by 2013 which is way up from 24% in 2008

Other interesting tidbits included concerns around real-time search and its implications ranging from PPC through to CMS implications in the long term.

Twitter also revelead a number of details regarding the new Twitter launch and future platform enhancements.

All in All it was a great event with good networking opportunities and the chance to have lively discussions and share insights.

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