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2013 will see a new trend: ads will come from articles and vice versa

It seems that there will be an important new trend in 2013: ads will be articles and vice versa. Essentially, the world of marketing and advertising is changing. Change is necessary in order to keep up with a world that has varying needs, which are also changing on a regular basis.
Don’t Rely On Banners and Pop-Ups Anymore
In this day and age, everybody knows how to get rid of banner ads and pop-ups haven’t worked for years. According to Inc.com

It is a shame that customers are able to circumnavigate this way of marketing, particularly when considering that they spend more and more time online. So, it seems that we need to find a way to still connect to people and this can only be done through content.
It’s All about the Content
Content can be anything from blog posts to slide shows and from white papers to podcasts. The point if that a customer becomes engaged with what they are presented with and they want to share their newly acquired knowledge with others. There are some fantastic examples out there that provide us with engaging videos or blogs while at the same time selling us a product. But it isn’t just about creating fantastic content, it is also about making sure that your content gets read. Sure, you can use the social media platforms in order to achieve this, but experts say that the most important thing to get involved in is native advertising.
Native Advertising Is the Way Forward
It is likely that you have already come across the term “native advertising” if you have any type of online business. It seems, however, that there isn’t much clarity on exactly what this type of advertising actually is. The following definition has been provided by Mashable:

In layman’s terms, it means that somebody who reads content doesn’t realize that they are actually reading an advertisement. This means that the content has to be fully integrated with the layout and look of the online source on which it is posted. Proof that this works is found on Facebook, where “sponsored story” ads had a click through rate of 53% higher than those experienced by display ads.
How to Make the Shift
People are always resistant to change, but you can’t keep this resistance up if you want to make it big online. We are no longer able to simply run the same online campaign for months at a time. Through social media, everything has to be refreshed and repeated again and again. A message becomes out of date and invisible minutes after it was originally posted. Unsurprisingly, there are now many businesses that are being set up to help you deal with this type of marketing. There are online tools and a huge range of services designed to help you streamline native advertising through sources such as Sharethrough and to help you create your content through services like Percolate. You will be happy to know that much of this new way of advertising and marketing can be done by a single individual with a good smartphone. Naturally, you can outsource it as well, even to unsuspecting people. For instance, the Jay Peak resort in Northern Vermont asked people to take Instagram shots and then share them with #Raised Jay, thereby creating conversation and heightening online presence. This means that how slick and perfect the content itself is, is actually much less relevant now.

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